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After the Second World War, the bar known as “Dancing Pasquini” was born in 1950 in Quercianella — a small beach town along the coast in Tuscany. It quickly became the best-known summer club in the area — a meeting place for tourists, vacationers, VIPs and the host of the Miss Italia competitions. Often celebrities such as Sofia Loren, Paolo Panelli, Marcello Mastroianni and Carlo Giuffré could be spotted there dancing to the live jazz music until the early hours of the morning.

The Pasquini family are well-known in this small corner of Tuscany for various family businesses and landmarks including the Bagni Pasquini private beach, amongst many others. The family rose to notoriety after Giovanni Pasquini (Sr.) pioneered Quercianella as the first town run fully by coal, thus creating numerous new jobs around Quercianella. The Pasquini Patriarch soon became a friend to everyone in the area.

Today, known as “Pasquini 1950,” the Pasquini family restaurant remains one of the original gems of the Tuscan coast, run by its third generation of family.

The Pasquini pizza dough is their famous family recipe which has remained a secret since 1950. The natural “mother yeast” was created by pizza master GianBruno Pasquini and this same mother yeast has been refreshed for over 70 years. The leaving process is developed in 4 phases: it starts with the creation of the biga, and then continues with the autolysis phase, passing through a maturation of over 48 hours, concluding with the leaving inside the historic Tuscan wooden cabinet.

The use of the biga combined with the natural mother yeast and the tradition that has been handed down for over 3 generations, creates a pizza that is aromatic, crunchy on the crust and soft in the middle. Always cooked in the wood fired oven, the Pasquini pizza is light and easy to digest — ask any of the loyal customers who return night after night to eat the Pasquini pizza, without ever getting sick of it!

The Pasquini Family pride themselves on keeping all of their dishes authentic and like to stick to their classic Tuscan menu. They are proud of the artisanal business they have maintained with love, passion, and dedication to their loyal customers over the past 74 years.

Thank you to all of our friends, family, local pizza lovers, foreigners and travelers who just happened to stumble upon us when hungry! It is because of you all that we continue to do what we love, every season.

Thank you from the heart,

Pasquini family